Posted by on Apr 9, 2019

NMC(UK) has made changes to CBT Part 1 exam from April 5th, 2019.

– The decision as to whether a candidate passes or fails the CBT is governed by an overall pass mark. This means that candidates must achieve the overall pass mark for their exam to pass the CBT. For Adult Nursing the overall pass mark is 68%. It is not required to score 90% in critical questions now.
– Number of questions and time remains the same (120 multiple choice questions to be completed in 4 hours)
– You may sit the CBT up to three times as part of one application, with a minimum of 10 days between each sitting. If you are unsuccessful after your permitted attempts, your application will close. You’ll be required to submit a new application and will not be able to sit the CBT again for a minimum of six months.