I have been mentioning in numerous blogs that measuring clinical judgment has been one of the major undertakings of the NCLEX. Many studies have been conducted on the clinical judgment area, defining the term. For a simpler understanding, it is a combination of clinical thinking and decision making.

There are so many factors which influence a nurse’s clinical judgment. Some are internal and some are external. Did you know that even the emotions and perceptions you have as a nurse will affect your clinical judgment? Those are important internal factors weighing almost equally with your education, experience and knowledge. All of these collectively count when it comes to clinical judgment which ultimately contributes to your preparation for NCLEX.

These are challenging times; I agree. Most of us have been coping well with COVID-19 pandemic. While we would like life to return to “normal,” we are also not sure what the new “normal” would look like. These are some of the internal factors mentioned earlier and all these are going to affect you the next time when you sit for the exam.

What is the best thing to do? My answer always remain the same. Do not wait for things to get back to “normal”. Accept changes. Accept the uncertainties. Do not let them stop you at your track. Do the best with what you have now to achieve your goal!

Take care, stay safe.

– Anila