It is not easy to be an international nurse trying to pass CBT or NCLEX tests. There are things we do so differently in our country’s health care arena, which maybe considered outright wrong in other western counties. For example, in my home town if an older person falls sick, doctors and nurses will discuss the treatment options and prognosis with the son or daughter instead of patient himself. At times, the patient is the last one who knows what is wrong with him or her. We know with Laws focused on privacy and care focused on ethical principles of autonomy, that is not possible in UK, US or Canada. I am not saying one is right and the other is wrong, well, I reserve my opinion on that matter to myself. As a student you must know that you will have to be open to new customs and learn new cultural practices to get those legal and ethical questions right. And that’s just one thing out of thousands, an international nurse need to tackle…! Anila