Our NGN NCLEX RN complete online review course is designed as 30 lessons which will cover all NGN NCLEX topics as stipulated in NCSBN syllabus. Each lesson consists of easy-to-understand class lecture videos of about (5-6) hours as well as exams on every topic to measure progress.

In addition to above lessons, there will be live webinars, 3000+ Qs NGN Question Bank , pharmacology flashcards, success planner, workbook style notes and more.

If you put your 100% effort and diligently follow the course, you will definitely be successful. Please check our social media reviews for details. https://www.facebook.com/AppleRNClasses

Main Room >> To discuss questions among members, updates about NCLEX, motivation, tips & tricks etc. 


Some days Ms Anila Simon will be available in this room for general discussions and the day and time will be informed early.