Commitment! The key to Success.

                   Sometimes students complain about the ineffectiveness of a teacher or how they purchased a course and still didn’t pass the exam. One thing they miss is looking into their own behavior and see if they were committed to the course. The key to becoming successful with any review course is to commit to the course.

Commitment is not easy, it is being dedicated to completing the course entirely with 100 % of your best efforts. It is making the review course your number 1 priority and leaving everything else. It is waking up early and going to bed late as you are studying. It is planning with a time table and following your schedule tightly. It is saying NO to 100 things which comes along the way, like a party or movie.

If you are 100% committed to the course, you are sure to pass this exam. However, if you just purchased the course and thought the course is somehow going to make you pass the exam, you are in for a surprise.It is like a treadmill. You can buy a treadmill and keep it in your house. You are not going to lose weight or get those muscles you have been dreaming of, just with the purchase of a treadmill. You have to get on it and start working on it. Similarly, after you purchase any review course, make sure to DO it.  Commitment is a “quality”. “Action” is the key!

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