Connecting the dots in NCLEX

                I have seen many so-called “smart and intelligent” students fail NCLEX whereas students who consider themselves “average” or “below average” pass it with 75 questions.  It is a surprise to both these folks when they get their result. It is comparatively easy to study and remember facts and theory. That’s what most people do when they prepare for NCLEX, especially the “smart and intelligent” ones. They try to get a photocopy of their review book into their brain. But unfortunately, that is not how NCLEX works.

NCLEX is looking for your ability to do critical thinking. It has a lot to do with the application of the knowledge, rather than memorizing facts. I am not saying the theory is not needed, indeed, the theory is the basis, but not the ONLY thing you need. You have to learn how to connect the dots in question. You need to know how to apply the knowledge into the question and options. You have to learn how to eliminate the wrong answers. You need to learn how not to overthink.

At AppleRN coaching, this is what we do. You are given everything you need to know in theory, but more than that we teach you how to connect the dots in NCLEX so that you can apply what you have learned. So, remember, it is not the “smart and intelligent” ones who pass always, the winner is the person who prepares better and connects the dots.

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