Most internet companies are facing several issues with internet speed these days as more people are shifting to the digital world as life outside the home is put on hold. It is putting a lot of pressure on internet companies to keep connections up when all are trying to telework and lot of people are playing online games and streaming videos at the same time. 

If you are facing streaming issues, please make sure you have adequate internet speed by checking here  Speed above 10 Mbps is generally ok, but sometimes internet companies will throttle/reduce the speed to avoid outage.

Some steps you can take to reduce the issues are

  1. Make sure anyone in your household is not streaming videos like Netflix or Youtube at the same time as you are studying, try to adjust the timing accordingly.
  2. Reduce the video quality by clicking the gear button at lower right side of class video

If anyone has significant issues send us an email and we can hold your account for free and can re-open it when Covid issues are over.