Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our online course is accessible  24 X 7 any time on a laptop or smartphone with internet. You don’t need to be present at a particular time and no need to come live. This also gives you freedom to watch the class as many times as you want and learn it thoroughly. For the weekly live webinar class you will get the recording if you cannot attend live.

Our dedicated curriculum development team lead by Dr. Anila Simon is available to you to clarify any queries. There will be a “Curriculum Helpdesk” button in your account through which you may ask your questions and it will be answered in less than 48 hours.

If you have mastered all the video classes, you can study from the class notes which are downloadable. But if you want complete classes again, you can renew it on a month to month basis at a discounted fee.

Yes, All payments are processed through the safest gateways in the world (Stripe and PayPal). No payment data is saved on our website, we just get notified from PayPal or Stripe if the payment is successful.

As our courses are online and as we do not require any mandatory reporting from our students about their exam dates, we would not be able to give you an exact number on the success rate. However, based on the feedback we have received so far, our NGN (new NCLEX-RN) passing percentage is around 90%.


We also want to assure you, if you put your 100% effort and diligently follow the course, you will definitely be successful. What we can guarantee is that the course materials are more than sufficient to clear the exam. Our course materials are prepared in such a manner that it will be interesting to study, easy to remember, and motivating.

AppleRN Question Bank has over 3000 questions which include 500+ NGN questions with rationales. New NGN questions are getting added on a weekly basis.

 Yes! you can access the question bank at anytime from our website as long as your course access has not expired.

Yes! the question bank has a study mode and an exam mode option available. The study mode has all the questions divided into 16 categories (Topics) and has practice sets available under each category. You can choose the categories (Topics) and practice questions one by one.

Yes! the question bank has a study mode and an exam mode option available. The exam mode has 30 questions and a time limit of 1.0 hour, so that you can practice your time management while doing questions.

Main Room >> To discuss questions among members, updates about NCLEX, motivation, tips & tricks etc. 


Some days Ms Anila Simon will be available in this room for general discussions and the day and time will be informed early.