These are clues to look for while selecting the correct answer from the given choices. The test developers ensure that the NCLEX covers the five fundamental processes of nursing profession. You will see these basics integrated into each question.

  1. Nursing Process – Every nurse should know the nursing process. Look for answers that address the need for assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.
  2. Caring – The interaction of the nurse and patient should be with mutual respect and trust. Look for answers which point towards the nurse providing encouragement, hope, support and compassion to help achieve desired outcomes.
  3. Communication and documentation – This concept focus on verbal and nonverbal interactions between the nurse and the client, their family, and the members of the health care team. Events and activities associated with client care are recorded in written and/or electronic format.
  4. Teaching/Learning – This concept includes health education, primary, secondary, tertiary prevention education, discharge education, teaching the use of equipment like glucose monitors, staff education, patient education on any aspects of care including medications, sample collections, community education etc.
  5. Culture and Spirituality – Each interaction of the nurse and the client; family or group, should recognize and consider the unique cultural and spiritual preferences to client care within the standards of care and legal considerations.

Questions in NCLEX-RN are unique. Knowing them will help you choose the correct answers as these processes are fundamental to the practice of nursing and are integrated throughout the ‘Client Needs’ category.