AppleRN Classes answers your questions here on the changes to NCLEX-RN from October 1st, 2020

1. Did NCLEX-RN change the number of questions from October 1st, 2020?

Yes. From October 1st, 2020, the minimum number of questions is 75 and the maximum number is 145.

2. Why did they change the numbers?

This is done to include 15 pretest items which are currently in a testing phase. These are questions that are not scored in your exam. You will not know which are the pretest items, so you must consider each question as if it is scored.

3. Do I have more time now? Does that mean that I can go a little slow in completing the exam?

As there are 15 more questions (even though they are not scored for your result), NCLEX added an additional hour to the previous time. So, now you have 5 hours to complete the exam. This does not mean that you can go very slow on answering questions. Practice a good pace.

If you are too slow, you might overthink on each question and run out of time. If you are too fast, you might make silly mistakes.

At AppleRN Classes, we train you how to think critically within the time limit.