You get in life what you create. If you don’t like where you are or what you have at this point in your life, you are the one responsible for it, because you created your reality. What you expect to happen will happen to you. If you expect that time is difficult and people are mean, you will create the same for you, by your actions confirming those expectations. Because you think negatively, and then your actions will follow those negativities, eventually leading to a negative outcome which you didn’t like, but you always feared. And then you will say “I knew that will happen to me” How can you break the chain? How can you change it? Start expecting good things to happen in your life, start talking positively about you to others, leave complaints and excuses out, trash your blame list, then you will feel the good energy in your brain, creating good thoughts, and eventually positive actions and happy endings. Wishing you a happy life!