“Hopeless” and “Worthless” These are the two most common words nurses respond with when they fail the NCLEX exam. It is sad to hear them, and I can only imagine the way they feel!! Some people will pause their life altogether when they see “fail” in that quick result page. But is that it? How are you becoming worthless and hopeless just because you didn’t pass an exam? 

You are worth way more than any exam result. It’s true that you cannot go back to that test day and change your answers, neither can you alter the result which came on the computer screen.  But there is one thing you can do, change the ending of your next test result. The power to create a beautiful ending to your journey with a “pass” and “success” is already within you. You might have to something different this time. You might have to put in more efforts, you might have to add more time and work, but it’s worth it.

So stop feeling hopeless and worthless when the ability to change the outcome is within you. One thing I know, negative thoughts like hopelessness and worthlessness won’t get you anywhere positive, it won’t make you successful. So change something today, because you can create your own tomorrow.