Following the CDC recommended immunization schedule can prevent approximately 322 million illnesses, 21 million hospitalizations, and 732,000 deaths. I guess that’s enough reason to get your vaccinations on time. Moreover, those who got immunized are living healthier, longer lives. Recently there were measles outbreak in the country and people debating over the need for vaccination. All I can say is that treating a child with measles costs 23 times more than the cost of one MMR vaccine. If I include the risk of death and debilitation the infection can cause, the cost is not even measurable… (I am not including the emotional roller-coaster). If there is no absolute contraindication, one should take vaccine to prevent illness. As nurses, it is our duty to educate those around us about the benefits of getting vaccinated. Sometimes ignorance is what drives them away from getting adequate vaccination on time. So be their advocate and teach. If anyone wants more information about the vaccination schedule, please visit the site for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Vaccines and immunizations.