Is there a difference in NCLEX exam across states? The answer is NO. Please note that the same NCLEX-RN exam is used for Canadian and U.S. entry to nursing practice. Irrespective of the state or country you are writing it from, the NCLEX exam have the same standard for passing, same difficulty level, same content and same everything else! There is no discrimination between states or country or ethnic groups or language. If you hear anyone saying that they didn’t pass NCLEX because they wrote the exam from a specific state or a specific exam center, they are just making excuses for their failure. Please ignore such comments which their own way of are trying to use the defense mechanism of “projection”. (as a nurse, you know what that defense mechanism is all about). Will you fail if you write without preparing for the exam? Yes you will. So stop looking for excuses, and start studying better. All the best!