When it comes to nursing licensure exams like NLCEX, studying to memorize won’t get you a passing score. As NCLEX is developed to test the critical thinking and decision-making skills of a nurse, memorizing all theory and regurgitating them in the exam center is a sure way to fail. If you are studying for NCLEX, study to learn the matter, not to memorize. NCLEX RN analyses the application of your knowledge, and not whether you have remembered all the normal values or if you could draw the anatomy of an eye.

In many international nursing curricula, writing long pages of descriptive essays on given disease condition or drawing the anatomy of an organ are considered essential to get a pass score. However, NCLEX is not much interested in your essay writing skills or in your illustrative ability. Rather, NCLEX tests how you use your theoretical knowledge and the information you have acquired in caring for a patient in a particular situation. Therefore, when you study, ask yourself “How am I going to use this information in a clinical setting?” “What signs should I look for to prevent a complication?” “What is my role as a nurse in this situation?”

When you learn each aspect of a theory, try to figure out how they would be applicable in a real-life scenario. That will guide you towards a successful exam. If you need to learn more, check out our complete course at www.appleRN.com

Happy Learning!