Learners are made: Not born

When it comes to someone’s ability to learn and study, there are a lot  of misconceptions among students. One such belief is about the inborn ability of a person to learn and remember. I am not discounting the super humans and computer brains out there, but on an average, everyone is born with the same ability to learn and study. The difference is how much effort someone is willing to put for learning and studying. That’s what makes a person a super achiever or under achiever in any area.

If you would like to know more about how your learning ability could be improved, these are the few contributory factors for it.
1. Accept that it is going to be uncomfortable. Learning something new is not easy, it is like a baby trying to walk. They stand up, wobble, falls. They get up again, try again and again. When you start learning something new, your brain is building new neuro connections. It requires time to grow. So, give it time, accept the uneasiness, until one day it becomes easy.
2. Have a schedule. This will help you utilize the time effectively, without missing much. It will help you focus on what needs to be done…..and you will get it done. Have a scheduled time to review what you have already learned in past, if not, your brain may forget it.
3. Learn deep, learn because you want to really know. Don’t study for others sake, study and learn for yourself, because you want to become knowledgeable. Study so that you can be best at what you need to learn. Don’t do it superficially or just to get by. Know in depth so that you become a master of the subject.
4. Teach someone else what you have learned. This will help you not only to remember things but will make you feel empowered by giving back to others. You will feel proud about your capacity to help others by learning new things.

So next time your little voice inside says that you are not a natural/born/smart to learn something, STOP! Remember, its in your hands. Because Learners are made by their own efforts, not born talented.