Well, you are now an experienced exam taker. The result is not what you wished for, but you do know now how the exam looks like. You have the first-hand experience of what you are going to encounter next time you sit in front of that computer. You also know what “failing in NCLEX” feels like. You had your share of negative comments and stress from that experience. Now, it is time to keep everything where it belongs: – in the past! What you have now is today and maybe your tomorrows!

Let’s work with what we have because the past is something you cannot change (unless you watch too much sci-fi movies and do time travels). If you are a repeat test taker, ask these three questions yourself and answer them honestly. This is your own personal psychotherapy!

Did I do my best with the exam preparation? (Really?? Are you sure this is ALL you could do to be your best??)
What am I doing differently this time so that I can pass this time? (Well, unless you are changing something from the way you did it last time, you cannot expect a different result, can you? If you are still studying the same day you will get the same results)
Is this a priority for me? (You know what, forget passing this exam, if this is not a priority for you)

So now, you probably know what to do! All the best!