Changes to NCLEX-RN exam (NGN from April 2023) 

To keep up with the complex healthcare needs and technological advancement of today, NCLEX-RN exam is getting updated in 2023 and we call it Next Generation NCLEX-RN or NGN. The questions will be based on the client need categories and will include new type of questions formats which focuses on critical thinking and clinical judgment. But the NGN will continue to include knowledge items, just like the current NCLEX-RN exam. The NGN will have 85 minimum questions and 150 maximum questions. There will be case studies, from which 18 questions will be asked for sure. You will also get stand-alone questions, where narrative information will be given (more like a nurse’s notes/history and physical notes/ progress notes/ written paragraphs) and you will have to answer multiple questions or highlight answers from there.  

Apart from case studies and stand alone type questions, there are many other new question items which are going to appear in NGN. Some examples are


1.  Extended Multiple Response: Extended Multiple Response items allow candidates to select one or more answer options at a time. This item type is similar to the current NCLEX multiple response items but with more options and using partial credit scoring. 

2. Extended Drag and Drop: Extended Drag and Drop items allow candidates to move or place response options into answer spaces. This item type is like the current NCLEX ordered response items but not all of the response options may be required to answer the item. In some items, there may be more response options than answers spaces. 

3. Cloze (Drop – Down): Cloze (Drop-Down) Items allow candidates to select one option from a drop-down list. There can be more than one drop-down list in a cloze item.  These drop-down lists can be used as words or phrases within a sentence, within tables and charts.


4. Enhanced Hot Spot (Highlighting): Enhanced Hot Spot items allow candidates to select their answer by highlighting pre-defined words or phrases. Candidates can select and deselect the highlighted parts by clicking on the words or phrases. These types of items allow an individual to read a portion of a client medical record, (e.g., a nursing note, medical history, lab values, medication record, etc.) and then select the words or phrases that answer the item. 

5. Matrix/Grid: Matrix/Grid items allow the candidate to select one or more answer options for each row and/or column. This item type can be useful in measuring multiple aspects of the clinical scenario with a single item. In the example below, each of the eight rows will need to have one of the three answer choices selected. 

As of now, the NCLEX-RN does not have any partial credits or negative marking. But with NGN, some of these new item types will receive full, partial, or no credit for an answer based on the selected response. Partial credit can include negative marking for incorrect answers. The maximum amount of time for NGN is 5 hours. 

As you might have realized by now, it is important to be prepared well from the experts, if you are planning to write the NCLEX-RN with NGN! With our curriculum development team working vigorously to deliver the best and our instructor Dr. Anila Simon PhD RN with her research into NGN and clinical judgment, your search for RN preparation ends here at AppleRN classes. Be assured that everything you will need to pass NGN will be provided to you through our constantly updated curriculum. All you need to do it to enroll and follow the course with you 100% commitment.  Success is yours, no matter when you write it! 

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