Congratulations on pre-registering and securing your seat for the AppleRN Live Virtual Class (LVC), which will start on 15th July 2024. If you are unable to start on 15th July, you have the option to join on any Monday within 2 months from 15th July 2024.


The remaining payment of the introductory offer fee ($849 for full payment or $299 for the 1st installment or the remaining fee in your selected currency) is due on July 10th.


Our associates will contact you and give further instructions before that.


Make It Happen! Be an RN in 2024. Good Luck!

Main Room >> To discuss questions among members, updates about NCLEX, motivation, tips & tricks etc. 


Some days Ms Anila Simon will be available in this room for general discussions and the day and time will be informed early.