AppleRN NGN Question Bank currently has over 3000+ questions for you to practice, and gets updated regularly. 

Remember to first watch and learn the video lessons in the course. 

We highly recommend using a laptop or computer to practice Question Bank as that is how you will be taking the actual NCLEX exam too. All type of questions may not work properly in a tablet or ipad, especially the highlighting questions.

Question Bank can be accessed in two formats, Study Mode and Exam Mode. 

  • Study Mode has all the 3000+ questions for you to practice. You will be able to check the answer instantly and go through rationale. Make sure to “Mark as Complete” once you finish a practice session so you know how much you have completed.
  • Exam Mode has selected questions for you to practice your timing of the questions. In this mode you can review questions right after you finish the exam. 

Click on the button below or on the Question Bank menu to practice the questions on the particular topic.


These questions are copyrighted and have minimally obstructive watermarks with users email, ip address and name to protect from piracy. Any piracy attempts detected/reported will have legal consequences.

Main Room >> To discuss questions among members, updates about NCLEX, motivation, tips & tricks etc. 


Some days Ms Anila Simon will be available in this room for general discussions and the day and time will be informed early.