Many students have raised concerns about the “Special research section” which appears as NCLEX questions at the end of their exam. Here are some answers from NCSBN for the 5 most commonly asked questions:

1. If I receive the special research section, does that mean that I have passed NCLEX?
No. Attempting special research section has no connection to how you have performed in NCLEX.

2. Will my performance in the special research section affect my NCLEX result?
No. You have already completed your exam. So, answering the special research section is not going to affect your exam score.

3. How long will the special research section take?
Around 30 minutes.

4. Is there any penalty if I refuse to participate in the special research section?
No. The special research section is optional and will not be counted in the candidate’s NCLEX result.

5. Can I exit the special research section any time or do I have to finish it once started?
You can opt out of it anytime.