​Can I write NCLEX? Can I immigrate to any country if I pass NCLEX?

The answer : It depends!! As of now, NCLEX is the nursing licensing exam accepted by The United States, Canada, and Australia for nurses to practice. You can write NCLEX exam, if you meet the eligibility requirements set by their respective nursing regulatory body (NRB). As each NRB has its own eligibility requirements to take… Continue reading ​Can I write NCLEX? Can I immigrate to any country if I pass NCLEX?

​What is NCLEX-RN exam?

National Council Licensure Examination, known as NCLEX-RN exam, is given by selected countries to determine whether or not a candidate is prepared to begin working as an entry-level nurse in that country. USA, Canada, and Australia allow internationally educated nurses (those who studied basic nursing outside of USA, Canada, and Australia) to practice, if the… Continue reading ​What is NCLEX-RN exam?

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