One of the buzzing words in health care today is Telehealth. It may be a new concept to many international nurses, so we at AppleRN Classes decided to shed some light on what Telehealth nursing meant and why it is important to know about it.

Telehealth nursing provides nursing care to patients using telecommunications technology. It is one of the methods adopted to deliver health care to patients in the United States.

There are many positive sides about telehealth

– Low cost
– Can reach rural areas where clinics and hospitals are too far from the patient’s home
– Better communication between care providers and patients
– No need for patients (or nurses) to travel to a specific location
– More patients can be assisted by an individual nurse (works very good in case of staff shortage)
– Can monitor the patients at their home.
– Data can be stored electronically for later usage.

Nurses engaged in telenursing practice continue to assess, plan, intervene and evaluate the outcomes of nursing care using technologies such as the internet, computers, telephones, digital assessment tools and telemonitoring equipments. They also make use of such devices to monitor, give health education, for chronic disease management, for medication explanations etc. It works efficiently if the staff is skilled in nursing care.

The use of telehealth continues to grow, reaching multiple medical specialities and provide care to a larger population.

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