Apple Wall of Success

Sarah Abraham April 12, 2019 Kuwait
Cleared CBT in the first attempt  

Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!! A big thank you Anila mam for your expert help in the preparation of CBT. I was really scared of how I would prepare myself for the exam but once I got through the classes I was confident that I would make it. Your efforts are commendable. It was really user-friendly and you make sure that the doubts are cleared personally... Every topic was covered in detail with all what was needed for the exam. And last but not least your classes are fun. You make learning easy and you get back to the days when your back in college and sitting for a lecture in class. Thank you once again, ma'am. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to clear competitive nursing exams.

Minumol Mathew April 10, 2019 Muscat

Dear ma'am, thank you for the wonderful support, guidance & encouragement you have given me for the CBT preparation. It was because of you I had achieved this great success. So once again thank you for the amazing experience.

Anu Joseph April 7, 2019 Canada
Passed NCLEX - RN  

Thanks, Apple Rn team and Anila mam for the proper guidance and support. Thanks, Anila mam for her support, guidance, and motivation. I highly recommend Apple Rn course for all who need success in their NCLEX journey

Anju Dave April 6, 2019
I Passed NCLEX RN.  

People like Anila Ma'am are precious and few. Her deep knowledge and passion for Nursing is the biggest Inspiration. I really feel fortunate to be an RN of APPLE RN!!!

Aramide Lawal April 2, 2019 USA
I passed CBT in the first attempt.  

I came across one of Apple RNs coaching videos on Youtube. At that time, I just passed my IELTS and needed to prepare for the NMC CBT. I contacted them and started my lectures in February. The Lectures were direct and informative. The question bank and answer rational were outstanding and the lecture on Critical topics was made quite simple and understandable. I am exceptionally happy for the motivation Anila gave periodically within and after some of the lectures. The entire Apple RN team were instrumental in getting me prepared for my test by responding promptly to my questions and giving clarifications where necessary. I Passed the CBT at the very first attempt. I am looking forward to a great time preparing for my OSCE.

Priscilla Bwalya March 31, 2019

Hello Professor Simon,
I recently took the review and I just wanted to inform you that I passed boards on Thursday and am officially an RN. Thank you very as your review was very helpful.
Thank you again,
Priscilla C Bwalya RN

Mrudhul Mathew March 30, 2019 USA
NCLEX Repeater Success  

My name is Mrudhul Mathew. I was an Rn from Australia. Came to the USA 2 yrs ago, had a hard time passing Nclex.
Now I 've passed Nclex rn in 3th attempt. Thanks for helping me. Guiding me. For everything. The comprehensive course was perfect for me to study in detail. Thank you so much . . Had my dreams come true. thanks a lot

Jincy Varghese March 30, 2019 India
Your course changed my life  

I had very little hope when I started your course as I had attended similar courses in the past and taken the exam once with no success. Your course changed my life and I finally passed my exam by God's grace. Your examples and instructions were on point and I learned most of the concepts while being in class. Excellent course recommended for sure success.

Godsee Mary Cherian March 29, 2019 Canada

Thank God for this great blessing. I passed the NCLEX-RN exam. Anila Mam, Thank you so much for your support and motivation. You are an amazing and talented teacher by chosen as an instrument of God to help us to fulfill our NCLEX-RN dream. Ma’am, God bless you more. And really thankful to my better half, families and friends for the valuable prayers and support for my success... To all my friends who are struggling to achieve this challenge, I really recommend APPLE-RN for your great success..
Godsee Mary Cherian

Minu Mathew Puthuppall March 29, 2019 USA
I Passed NCLEX RN.  

This is Minu Mathew Puthuppally, I have taken Apple RN course and it helped me to pass the NCLEX-RN exam in the first attempt in 84 questions. Thank you Anila mam for the wonderful classes and the support and inspiration. All the honour and praise to God.

Wilma Jayadev March 27, 2019 India
I passed CBT in the first attempt.  

I am Wilma, a post-graduate nurse and one of your online CBT students. I am extremely glad to inform you that I passed CBT in the first attempt. Your lectures and model exams greatly helped me to prepare for the exam.

Not only for CBT, but those classes also guided me to refresh my knowledge too. I am really thankful to you for the complete assistance and motivation which you provided throughout the course period.

Rather than a teacher, you always acted a mentor during the lectures which enhanced my interest in studies. Wish you all success in the future. God bless you.

Once again thank you so much for guiding me.

Mrs.Wilma Jayadev

Anju Jithin March 22, 2019 USA
I Passed NCLEX RN.  

By the grace of God I passed Nclex RN.thank u Anila ma'am for ur support nd motivation .you are an amazing teacher I have ever met...I am happy to thank ma husband nd ma both families who was a great support fr me throughout ma journey...I really thankful to all ma friends who encouraged me ,supported me to achieve ma goal....once again thank u all...officially i am an RN

SONIA VARUGHESE March 22, 2019 Kuwait
Passed NMC CBT UK  

Well, words aren’t enough to express my joy - By God Almighty’s grace and mercy, I passed my CBT Exam. God has been ever Faithful!!!
I’m forever grateful to the Apple RN team, specially Anila Ma'am for the constant support and prayers. Your teaching, from the very first class has been simple, understandable and interesting which helped to win this battle. Big thank you!! God bless the entire team! Love from Kuwait!

Remya March 5, 2019 Bangalore
Thank you  

Thanks Apple RN and Anila maam for the great support, motivation and encouragement because of which i've successfully completed NMC CBT. The video classes and the materials were very useful, initially i had a doubt whether the online classes will be as useful as direct classes or not... But through the videos i never felt that it was an online class. This class was the best choice i've ever made and thanks once again. God bless you.

Sonia Jacob joy March 5, 2019 UAE
Best online class  

By Gods grace I cleared CBT in first attempt. I thank God first and Anila Ma’am. Her classes were really helpful though it’s online class she makes sure that she repeat the important points in all the classes so that there is no way for us to forget as it’s already engraved in our brains . She explains very simple and her notes are great.I got to know this Apple RN through Facebook I wasn’t sure how great it would be but once I saw the reviews and testimonials by other candidates I thought to give it a try, that’s how I joined this class. Anila Ma’am has taught all important topics needed for CBT and her mock test is good as it has recent questions too. I recommend her class.Its worth.Thank you Ma’am for helping me and guiding me through this .God bless

JERIN ABRAHAM March 5, 2019 New york
A great teacher  

It's a pleasure and privilege to say about apple rn and anila madam. A talented and gracious teacher chosen by God to help students to achieve their nclex dream. I was privileged to attend her class and pass my exam in my first attempt. above all i thank lord jesus christ for his abundant grace and love that overshadowed me through out my class and life....

Tintu Mathew February 26, 2019

By grace of god I passed NCLEX RN exam . Thank you apple rn institution and ANILA ma'am for all your support guidance and motivation to achieve my dream. You are such a special teacher that no words can truly tell.

meenumol p.k February 20, 2019 abha saudiarabia
Thank You!  

thankyou apple rn for helping me pass my cbt in first attempt.Mrs.simons classes were very informative and useful and iwould recommend her to every one who needs assisstance.

Veronica Uchegbu February 14, 2019
Successful CBT Exam  

I got to know Mrs Anila through a colleague. Anila ‘s CBT lessons helped me because at first I did not know where to begin with CBT exam preparation.
I am glad I had her lessons and I will recommend it to anyone will be writing CBT exam.

Nimisha Saju February 9, 2019 Houston
NCLEX RN 75 Club - Forever grateful  

Thank you so much Anila Ma'am for your guidance and support... I am forever grateful

Julie Sevilla February 1, 2019 Philippines
Thank You!  

I would like to thank you for helping me review for my nmc cbt exam. yes i passed the exam. your excellent review program helped me when other review programs was not able to. i will definitely recommend your program to my colleagues.
thank you very much.

Divya Palankar January 22, 2019 Bengaluru

I really appreciate for all the support and assistance provided during the course which helped me to clear my cbt exam in the very first attempt within such a short span of time. Your study materials and videos are really excellent . A special thanks to Anila ma'am. Thank you so much. May God bless your team.

Phoebe January 16, 2019 Georgia, USA

I failed the CBT the first time, not knowing what to expect, and I was absolutely crushed. I thought I would never be able to pass, especially since if I failed a second time I would have to wait six months to retake. I was desperately looking for something, and AppleRN popped up on my google search. I paid the money, which seemed like a lot, but let me tell you, WELL WORTH IT! Anila did an amazing job putting this program together. I get most help from practice questions, which is what was REALLY great about the program. When I went into my test the second time, I took my time, and felt like I totally had it after. And it was THE MOST GLORIOUS thing to wake up to that "Congratulations" email. Thank you so much Anila! And all you nurses looking to take the CBT, save yourself the headache and purchase this program first. You won't regret it!

Neethu Mathew January 14, 2019 philadelphia

By the Grace of God, I passed my NCLEX-RN exam. Thank you so much Anila mam for the support and motivation to achieve my dream. To all who are struggling to pass NCLEX RN, I Strongly suggest APPLERN for your success.

Akhila Johnson January 13, 2019 Kerala

With God grace I passed my CBT exam at first attempt. Thank you Anila mam for your help, guidance and motivation. I suggest Apple rn for all those who preparing for CBT exam.

Guylene Thelusme January 3, 2019 Georgia
I Passed!!!  

By the Grace of God i passed my NCLEX RN exam. Thank you so much for your support and motivation. You are amazing and your sessions were vital to helping me achieve my dream.

Gita budhamagar December 31, 2018 London

Thank you Applern esp. Mrs Anila Simon for giving me the opportunity.Very grateful.

sani December 21, 2018 st.louis missouri USA

By the Grace of god i passed my Nclex RN in my first Attemt. Being an international nurse it makes me easy to pass my exam once I took this programme..So i strongly recommend Apple RN comprehensive Programme to every one.Once again i thank Anila ma'am for your inspiration and support.

Nancy J. December 17, 2018 Massachusetts, USA
Definitiely a great program!  

I successfully passed the UK CBT on my first try with the help of Anila's program. The classes were well structured and Anila has a way of explaining
even the most challenging topics. I highly recommend her classes for anyone looking to pass their nursing-based exams while further enhancing their knowledge with support and encouragement. Thank you Anila and God bless.

Nimmy Mathew December 17, 2018 kerala

I have attended online CBT class of apple RN .I passed in first attempt itself .thanks to apple team

Stephy Mariya Jose December 14, 2018 Chicago

By the grace of God, I passed NCLEX RN. Apple RN and Anila ma'am played a big role in my success.. Thank you ma'am...for all your support.. Apple RN NCLEX coaching is really worth with knowledgeable content and Ma'am Anila Simon is a perfect teacher, who can mold her students to a perfect dimond. To all who are struggling to pass NCLEX, I strongly suggest Apple RN for your success.

Merlin George December 11, 2018 USA
Ocean of knowledge  

By the grace of god ,i passed nclex rn exam after a long wait ,thank you anila ma'am for being the biggest motivation and support you have given me to enlighten this dream of are truly an inspiration to all your students .You are an ocean of knowledge and one drop can make a difference .God bless you alwayz. with lots of Merlyn George.

Asha Abin December 9, 2018 Illinois

By the grace of god I passed NCLEX RN in first attempt with 78 questions. Thank you Anila mam for your support and motivation.

Tinu Thomas December 9, 2018
75 club  

By the grace of god I passed NCLEX-RN exam on my first attempt with 75 questions. Thank you so much Anila madam for your great support to achieve my dream

Fiona Ann Cyril December 6, 2018

By the grace of god I passed NCLEX-RN exam in my first attempt in 75 questions. Anila madam it was not at all possible without you, you gave me courage to handle this. Thank you so much

Stephanie Ozulumba,RN December 4, 2018 New York

I took NCLEX RN exam on 11/29/18 and passed with 75 questions. I must say that Apple RN review content is very rich in content and NCLEX RN standard. I kept hearing Anila Simon's voice in my head going through the critical thinking and for one question I heard her say to me "you're a safe and effective nurse". Thank you so much ma'am for taking out time to explain every topic.

Florine Carlo November 26, 2018 Southampton,UK

By the grace of Almighty God I passed CBT in first attempt with just 40 days of preparation. I am truly grateful to Mrs Simon for her fantastic and incredible work that she has poured on apple RN CBT online classes through capsule form. They made me to understand well and in easy form. I would have lost without these classes.
To candidates all you have to do is concentrate during each lecture, take notes, just do not print. Work hard for the success. I finished 120 questions in just hour and a half.
Hats off to Mrs Simon for ur incredible work. God bless you.

NEDRA R BARNES November 24, 2018 Ghana Africa
pass NMC CBT NOV 18  

Thank you maam for all your help enabling me to clear the CBT EXAM in the first attempt itself ,It was a wonderful journey of education with you,was so lost before i enrolled in your course but after i joined the cbt class you made everything so easy,Thank you so much maam.Godbless U

Trincy November 20, 2018 USA
75 questions pass  

I am so happy as i have passed nclex RN exam in first attempt with 75 question by the grace of god ....i would express my sincere thanks to anila Madam for supporting me to a greater extend by knowledge and motivation through your positive words during my journey...thank you once again anila mam.......god bless you...

Caroline Kariuki November 18, 2018 USA
Refreshing and Informative.  

I sat for my NCLEX RN and passed on 11/6/18 and my licence is active as I write. First I would thank our Almighty God for guiding and giving me angel during the exam time to remember stuff. Secondly, I cant thank you enough because you made me do this. I failed 1st attempt but after signing with you n listened to your videos ,I passed. Thank you so much. I did my ADN but you tend to forget all theory part you studied.

Yours is so refreshing and so informative. I really thank God for knowing about your program. I heard your voice all through the exam. Having said that, be assured I can never hesitate to recommend anyone who needs help with NCLEX. Am still listening to your videos despite having passed coz I wanna be and praying to God to be a competent nurse like you.

I wish the very best and God's Grace with your career. The world needs people like you who are healing God's people through His talents.

Toabson Thomas November 18, 2018 Kottayam

..Almighty,thank you for answering my prayers....
Anila Madam...Thank you so much for making me do my best in Nclex RN have done a great great favour to me and I have no words to express my gratitude towards you...
Once again a big thanks to Apple RN.......

Vandana Nair November 16, 2018
Successfully cleared my CBT  

Hi Mrs Simon,
I am happy to inform that I successfully cleared my CBT exam. Thanks to your program I got a pretty good idea of what needed to be covered and what was to be properly focused on.Your tutorials were very clear,appropriate, and concise and the best thing was that you never leave anything for assumptions and clarifies each point.
It was a very beneficial experience for me. I am planning to take your tutorial for osce preparation also by January mid, so I
am well prepared before going to UK.
I am looking forward for your support and guidance for osce further on .

Fressy J Palathinkal November 15, 2018
Thank you Anila Ma'am!  

By the grace of God I passed Nclex RN exam in first attempt with 75 questions. I would like to thank AppleRN institution and Anila Ma'am for supporting to reach my goal. Specially I would like to thank Anila ma'am for all the knowledge you have given me and motivating through out my struggles. Your positive words always be an inspiration and makes me to work hard. May the almighty bless you more and more....

Sruthi Sreekumar November 15, 2018 Kerala

Thank you Anila Ma’am for your wonderful and inspiring classes that help and guided me to pass CBT exam ;best wishes;❤️

Binu Lukose November 8, 2018 Kerala
God Bless.  

By the grace of god ,l passed NCLEX RN .Thank you anila mam for being my biggest motivation & support and also who is a good friend& and great teacher in my life once again thank you god bless anila maam

Judy Felix Abraham November 7, 2018
Thank God.  

I thank God for enabling me to clear my NCLEX-RN exam. I took the Apple RN online comprehensive course and found the study material to be informative and up to date. I especially thank Anila madam for her continuous motivation, guidance and support. Her way of teaching made complex topics quite simple and was always available for guidance and doubts. I am grateful to Apple RN coaching.

Reesha Alexander October 30, 2018 USA
Make all your plans succeed.  

“May he give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed “
(psalms 20:4)
Maam, you are the only reason for my success , Now I can proudly say I made my Nclex RN in my first chance !
Mam you imprint all your knowledge and skills to us through your wonderful power of teaching, even I remember all of those even after an year , especially I want to appreciate for all your motivational words that’s keep me going through out this NCLEX journey, I was remembering your onsite classes, ending quotes , you tube videos , the explanations , None of them can beat your skills !
I’ll strongly recommend to those people who are really in a struggle of passing NCLEX-RN
No words are enough to express my gratitude towards you 😍😘😘
God bless you abundantly 😇

Deepa Susan George October 25, 2018 USA
Grace of God!  

Ma'am l passed my nclex RN exam by the grace of god. Your support was amazing. Once again Thank you so much for your wonderful class. It helped me a lot .

Daisy Mathew October 23, 2018
Grace of god!  

Not the merit but by the grace of God I passed NCLEX RN exam on first attempt with 75 questions. Specially I would like to thank Apple RN coaching center and Anila mam for supporting and enlightening all my way. Thank you so much ma'am for being there for me through my ups and downs. You were a great support for me from the beginning till the end and am sure that you will be a great blessing to many more. I also like to thank my family members and friends who supported me throughout my journey. Thanku all

Grace Williams October 22, 2018 USA
Thank you!  

I solely studied for the uk's nmc/cbt exam using your online videos/applern. Studied intensively for 2 and half weeks and passed first time when I took the exam on October 17th 2018 (just 4 days ago). Thanks so much for what you do

Delwin Davis October 2, 2018 Canada
Thank you!  

By God’s grace I Passed NCLEX RN Exam with 84 questions. Thank you so much for all your help; Apple RN comprehensive Program has really helped me to pass this exam, without AppleRN, I wouldn’t have achieved this milestone. Thank you so much Anila Ma’am for encouraging, motivating and inspiring; To me, Anila Ma’am is “Gods Angel” who is helping the students who is struggling with Nursing Licensing Exams. God bless you Ma’am.

Roji Kodath September 22, 2018 USA
Thank you!  

Hi Maam, this is Roji, I passed nclex exam, thank you so much for your valuable teaching and advice, thank you so much.

Anju kuriakose September 21, 2018 Kochi, Kerala

By the grace of god I passed my cbt exam. Thank you Anila ma'am for those wonderful classes and questions. It really helped me a lot to pass the exam. Moreover ,you are an excellent tutor I will definitely recommend apple RN coaching to my friends .Thank you.

Vasiliana Muturi September 18, 2018 USA
Such a helpful program.  

Hi Mrs. Anila Simon? God is so.....faithful..l passed my Nclex rn exam. I did it on Saturday the 15th n the result came in today in the afternoon. May God bless you, keep you, n take care of you. Thank you for your encouragement n above all for taking your time for come up with such a helpful program to help me achieve my goal of being an RN. Thank you n thank u once again. God bless!

Arunkumar September 18, 2018 UK

By the grace of God i passed my CBT exam. A big thank you to Anila ma'am for the immense support and guidance to pass this exam .

Aswathy Arun August 28, 2018 Newyork
NCLEX RN Test Success testimony  



Susan Cherian August 23, 2018
Amazing Course  

Amazing work by Anila mam. Very well organised and explained in a very easy way to understand. Wonderful team work. All the team members are very approachable and happy to help you at any time. May God bless. Thank you

Merin July 31, 2018 Thodupuzha

By the grace of God I have passed the NCLEX RN. I have attended online course by Ma'am Anila, It contained EVERY THING for me to cross the passing standard within 75 questions.! So all of you out there preparing for your RN I would always personally recommend APPLE RN as the perfect choice....
And Anila ma'am,as you say " success gets attracted to the person you are ",may the Almighty bless you more and more....
Thank you!

Ann Mariya Thampi July 27, 2018 HOUSTON

By the grace of GOD i passed my NCLEX RN......I thank each and everyone who helped me...supported me..i would like to thank Mrs. Anila Simon,for her teaching and encouragement..i am grateful for everything and everyone in my life....Thank you sooo much maam......

Nimmy Jose July 27, 2018 Muvattupuzha

Thank you so much Anila maam for your informative classes..your way of explaination really helped me a lot to crack my CBT..Im really very thankful for your great support..

Ann Mary Lukose July 27, 2018 Alappuzha
Cbt Nmc UK  

Mere words are not enough to express my gratitude and thanks to you dear anila ma'am..Your classes helped me a lot to crack my CBT exam.You are are one of the best teachers i have ever seen.Thanking you from my bottom of heart

Neethu jimin July 22, 2018 Dubai

I have attended the online NMC CBT UK course with Apple RN.It helped me a lot to be thorough with all topics and prepare well for my exam and pass.I really appreciate the effort of Anila madam and the team to make it a big success..

Jils Siboy July 21, 2018 Kannur

By the grace of God I passed CBT. I would like to thank Anila maam for sharing her extensive knowledge in a simple and easy to understand way which contributed greatly to my success.I am sure that it would be a great help in my future as well.

Jane Mwaura July 6, 2018 Atlanta,USA

First i thank God the most high that through his favor and grace I was able to achieve this great achievement. Second I thank God for connecting me with Ms Anila. I really enjoyed her coaching, the notes and PowerPoint are really on point. They are easy to study and understand. She helped me a lot with application question which are asked in NCLEX. The course was very helpful. Thanks Ms Anila. Jane

joshua July 1, 2018 USA

By the grace of god I passed nclex.Anila Ma'am has provided all the necessary education needed to pass the NCLEX RN exam. She not only teaches the content well but also how to handle the questions. Her methods to approaching the questions really helps to eliminate the wrong choices. She is also very motivating during all her lectures that makes you really want to achieve this great accomplishment.

Neenu June 21, 2018 USA
I passed NCLEX-RN in 75 questions!  

Dear Anila Madam,
I want to thank you for the knowledge, encouragement, and wisdom you shared with me during my nclex journey. I took your comphrehensive RN review which gave me the foundation and knowledge to be successful on the NCLEX-RN. I highly recommend your course for anyone considering taking the NCLEX-RN, especially for International nurses! You are truly a blessing. With your teaching and God’s help, I passed my exam in 75 questions.

Sheena varghese June 7, 2018 Canada
Passed NCLEX RN  

Thank you Anila ma'am for your motivational classes which helped me a lot to pass my nclex Rn exam. I took the apple rn online course and the contents are in such a way that it’s easy to understand and loved the webinars.

Diksha May 27, 2018 India

Miracles happen everyday just believe in them...
Just 10 days before i joined apple rn CBT online class.. i was having very less time but i managed to get this in one go only bcoz of ur classes..
I bet it couldn't have been possible without you...
A million thankss..

Roshny Joseph May 24, 2018 Kottayam

By the grace of god,I passed my cbt exam on 23 May 2018.Thank you apple rn and especially Anila ma’am .It would not have been possible without your guidance and support. Thank you once again ma’am god bless you.



Roshni maria baby May 15, 2018 india

By the grace of god, i passed NCLEX-RN. Thank you Anila ma'am for being my biggest "inspiration $ motivation" through out the nclex journey.You proved to be my # 1 teacher - cum - friend!! You are a teacher i will never forget you in my life. God bless you as you serve the lord through teaching .

Elizabeth kurian May 13, 2018 Kottayam
Thanks to AnilaMam and apple RN team for helping me to pass CBT  

Thank you mam and apple RN team for your wonderful classes and updated questions which helped me to pass CBT.

Neena Alex May 13, 2018 USA

Thank you Anila Mam and Apple RN.
Your videos and webinars were really helpful for me in preparing for my NCLEX RN exam.
Thank you so much for your motivation and positive thoughts.

Nisha Rajan May 12, 2018

I would like to thank you Mrs.Simon.Your classes for CBT online course really helped me a lot .I passed my CBT exam.The way you explain is easy to grasp.The quotes at the end of your videos also help to give me motivation.Thank you so much.

Sharon Mathew May 7, 2018
Thank You!  

First of all I thank my God almighty for all his blessings in my life. After countless hours of preparing for the NCLEX , I’m ecstatic to say that I’ve officially passed! I want to give a big thank you to Anila Simon and AppleRN for coaching me throughout the process. Her method of teaching was precise and extremely professional. Her multiple years of experience in the nursing field gives her an advantage when teaching and it’s one of the main reasons why I highly recommend taking Mrs. Simon’s course. Ma'am I don't know how to thank you. Thank you for everything you had done for me.

Leena Jobmon April 15, 2018 USA
Thanks Apple RN and Anila Madam  

Thanks Apple RN and Anila madam for the great support and encouragement. For me Apple RN is not only an institute for studying but it looks beyond just a study class. I got the best training in RN coaching and I experienced comfort through out my study period. Anila madam you are not just a tutor of apple RN, you are a tool in God's hand, like how you usually used to introduce yourself. You were there until my exam and there after with great support. I can suggest to everyone who is preparing for NCLEX exam to go to Apple RN and there u can find your success just like i did.

Sara April 6, 2018 India
Passed my CBT exam  

I would like to thank God Almighty for all the blessings.Also, I would like to thank Apple RN for the timely help.I was stressed coz I had only few days ahead of my exam..and I saw Apple RN on You tube.I enrolled myself because I wanted to be confident before i take up my exam.I came back after my working hours and i tried to finish the course as early as possible to improve my confidence levels.When i got my results...I felt like I am on the top of this world.............! Thank you Jesus....Thank you Anila Ma'm.Well the classes were like I really felt like I was in a class-room set-up direct and face to face..! Appreciate for the efforts that Apple RN came up with.
May God bless you.......!

Heena Sharma March 28, 2018 India
Extremely helpful  

Thanking firstly Almighty and then Madam Anila for their guidance and help. I cracked my CBT in the first go. I loved your comprehensive yet a simple, to the point teaching. Your learning "capsule" did its job very well 😁 and justifies your logo "One stop solution to obtain your RN license " effectively. Warm hearted regards and thanks to Madam Anila. Keep it up 😇

Jinu Abey March 14, 2018 USA

"Thank you ma’am for enlightening and empowering me with the skill of rational thinking, and to help understand the subtle nuances of RN. Thank you for recognizing the innate expertise I possess, motivating me and believing in me. Your teaching gave me wisdom, liberated me and ultimately triumph... U made learning look so easy and fun. I owe my success to you and God. Stay blessed Maam.

Meghan Smith March 10, 2018 USA

I passed!!! Thank you so much! I felt prepared and am so thankful I found this review!

Divya March 3, 2018

It's pleasure to tell you all that I have passed my CBT. It was mainly because of the online classes of Anila Ma'am. All the important topics are covered in the course, especially the critical topics. Sample model questions were also helpful. So I am thankful to the Almighty and Anila Ma'am for my success

Asha Abraham March 1, 2018

All glory to the almighty God .My heartfelt thanks to Anila mam and apple RN who really helped me successfully pass my CBT exam .She always there to guide me through out my journey of CBT .she highly talented and amazing person I wish you all success from the bottom of my heart. Once again thank you so much

Tresa Jose February 9, 2018 Canada
God blessed me in Canada RN exam  

By the grace of my Jesus, I passed my NCLEX-RN Canada exam. After a long wait, the post came with good news. Thanks a lot for Anila madam's wonderful lectures and webinars which put a strong base for my content review. I just followed the schedule and did questions as mam advised. God is great and He gave me one of the best teachers to prepare for RN exam. Glory to God!

Christi Tatum February 6, 2018

Seeking Anila ma’am’s help was the best choice I made and I would totally recommend it to anyone who is trying to write their NCLEX exam... I am so happy that I Passed the NCLEX RN and I am honored to have been Anila Maam’s student... Thank you for your constant support and encouragement throughout Ma’am!!!

Anita February 3, 2018 Bangalore

All glory to the Almighty God. My heartfelt thanks to Appler RN and specially to Ms.Anila Simon, who was the pillar behind me to successfully pass my CBT exam. I have never met a person like her. She was always there to guide me throughout my journey of CBT. She is a wonderful and talented mentor and a amazing person. I wish there was bigger word than thanks to thank her. God bless her and her family's abundantly.

Ann Mary James January 27, 2018

I’m very much delighted and very much obliged to convey my grateful gratitude towards Anila madam and to your prestigious organisation for bringing out the best in me. The days that I’d been there were the most intriguing ones...
No words can match my happiness and joyfulness...
May God bless this institution in carving out the best candidates for being the archangels of each persons life...
The essence of being able to overcome all adversaries before you, can seem difficult. But with proper understanding and guidance, any barriers can be breached...
that’s the great lesson I learnt from this institution... thank you once again for all the good vibes..

With love

Abilin Anna Antony January 23, 2018 India
Thank you!  

Thank you so much ma'm for your valuable teaching n class especially the online class n the practice helps a lott. Sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart to Anila Simon ma teacher for her lovable caring and teaching 😘😘😍😍

Jintu Remil January 22, 2018 Dallas,Tx

Thanks, Anila madam for the big help for passing my RN Exam.
I can honestly tell that the webinars and the exams through the Apple-RN helped me a lot for this achievement.

Anna Mathew January 17, 2018 United Arab Emirates
UK CBT Passed  

I would like to Thank You Mrs.Simon for CBT online course. Her classes was very helpful for me. I have passed UK CBT exam. Thank You once again.

Nevil Christian January 16, 2018
Thank you!  

I was preparing for NCLEX RN exam for last 1 year and I was so poor in priority but after your video about priority I understand how to understand the question and how to think and answer the question. So it's really helpful for me. I pass my NCLEX RN exam on 11 Jan 18. It's bcoz of you. Thank you so much for help. May God bless you and your family.

Jacob Jose January 2, 2018 Kottayam

Mrs. Anila and Apple RN Academy is the best institution I have ever been to. Apple provides a exquisite opportunity for their fellow students to be confident , knowledge and loyal Registered Nurses. Apple is a platform for new graduates to bloom into skillful Nurses. Apple is equipped with a high tech classroom with all the facilities in place with such an experienced and dedicated teacher,motivator and friend. There also exists a well established lab with computers along with advances technologies and simulation. The simulation gives the students a more real life experiences which helps them to apply their knowledge into practice. Apple is the reason for my success.

Rene Raju January 2, 2018

" Your classes were really helpful.The way you explain complex ideas was beyond appreciation.Thank you God bless"

Anna Sebastian January 1, 2018 Kochi

I express my gratitude to applern classes for helping me to pass CBT for UK.Initially when I took exam date for CBT ,I was completely confused about what to learn for CBT.But online classes by Anila Madam on Apple Rn .com gave me a complete idea about the exam and made me confident to face exam.Once again thanks a lot to Anila Madam and appleRn classes.

Remya Aby December 30, 2017 India

I passed CBT because of your classes. I referred your class notes only and was able to pass, thank you.

Sajini Mathew December 29, 2017 USA

"First of all, I thank God for helping me to pass the exam. Also, you were a part of His amazing plan.Thank you, Anila for all your help and support through the nclex journey.The classes helped me a lot , specially ABGs .also your encouragement and motivation.I wish you all success from the bottom of my heart.Thank you so much"

Jacob John December 23, 2017 MICHIGAN

Thank you Anila madam for your support,encouragement,and motivation.Every single question on the NCLEX -RN I answered by using my knowledge from your class,You are simply amazing .

Aksa Jibu(Rajily) November 29, 2017 Kerala,India

Dear Ma'am,
you are a real blessing in my life given to me by our Almighty God..All praises and honor goes to Lord Jesus Christ.Thank you so much for all your classes,support,motivation and encouragement.It was a correct guidance from God to choose AppleRN in my life.I never got a teacher like this before .Ma'am is a real hardworker,doing teaching from her passion and desire to help others.she never say anything without doing it .Her review classes,perfect notes,Apple RN question Bank altogether is a package of success .You are blessed with the gift of teaching by God.May God bless you more and more to be a blessing to so many.

Tinu Philip Thomas November 23, 2017 Florida

Thank you Anila ma'am for your all support,encouragement,motivation that made my Dream (RN). specially you are a great teacher as well as a good mentor.wishes and prayers to more successful RN s through you ma'am.

Sherry Sunny November 15, 2017

I am very happy to say that I was a student of APPLE-RN.The great teacher Mrs.ANILA SIMON helped me to achieve the goal NCLEX-RN. Her teaching style is quite unique and her positive outlook towards life makes me positive too.

Jemimah Cyriac November 10, 2017 Houston

Thank you so much ma'am😊I have no words in front of this great God's grace and your loving, comfortable, valuable,realistic,excellent effect towards me.I'm really thankful to you. Wishes and prayers to more successful RN s through you ma'am

Lino September 17, 2017 Houston

Thank you anila mam for the support and the positivity you created in my mind which help me a lot ..thank you so much for the review classes and the inspiration..

Ann Mary Joseph September 16, 2017 india

I just want to say thanks to god and apple rn,I PASSED NCLEX .madam anila helped me tremendously.i have truely been motivated everyday by listening her success stories .Her classess are really good and she simplifies everything in a way which we can understand.without any doubt i can say it was my right decision that i joined apple rn onsite class.once again i thank everyone who support me for achieving this great success and i wish all the very best to apple rn,and madam anila simon.thank you,god bless you

Roshan Pathiyil September 16, 2017 Chicago
#1try #75q's #PassedNCLEX  

Apple RN is a great review course , it helped me remember all the important things and Anila mams encouragement and motivation is really exciting and encouraging. She is always their with emotional support as well and answering any doubts. I highly recommend using Apple RN.

Shelly Chand September 14, 2017

I love this nclex review. This gave me lots of motivation and of course knowledge how to tackle questions. I may not be perfect yet, but I will be in no time.

Thanks for such a wonderful prep you have done !!!!!!!

Florence Karani June 28, 2017

Hello Mrs Anila I have no words. I wrote the exam on Tuesday morning and I was hesitant to check the the whole day. I did my very best to study and left every thing to God. I'm rejoicing. I passed the exam. Thank you so much for your motivation through emails and the quotes in videos .

Beauty Valdez June 25, 2017

Hello Ms Anila! I did it!!! I'm officially an RN now!
I was so nervous to check online. I even called the BON to confirm this! It's still unreal!
You were a HUGE part of my journey. I listened to your lectures twice and it worked. Thank you so much!

Adebanke Dada-Wilson June 9, 2017

I love Professor Anila Simon. She simplifies everything in a way that is easy to grasp. I wish she teaches all my classes at school. Thank you! - Udemy

Marissa Johnson June 2, 2017

It is very good detail, I just hope that I can retain it. - Udemy

Maria Sunny April 3, 2017 Kerala

Thank you, Anila madam.your classes are very informative and very helpful to students those who are preparing for nclex rn exam. it is soo easy to understand the way you teach.and your positive attitude is giving me inspiration to study.

Frank February 2, 2017

I am doing my nclex in 3days, your free webiner videos
on youtube are really nice.

Ohra Nyankan January 10, 2017

Your videos and classes are very helpful in preparing for NCLEX RN. I especially liked it when you say examples from your experience in USA. It help people like us who are not in USA to understand how things are there. Thank you.

Ms Phouminh December 20, 2016

Thank you so much for such a clear and on-point clarification to my question,Anila! I love your webinars because of the ways you make it do much easier to grasp and digest easily in each topics. Your lectures has help me tremendously in ways I never experienced before in the past. I'm a repeat test taker. I have been studying as you recommended us to. I feel very confident that I will pass this time. My test date is approaching in 3 weeks. Any additional advice for me?

Anu Cherian October 15, 2016

Dear Mam, thanks for the videos. I really like your teaching and the way u explain. It is very easy to study and prepare for RN with your class. Thank you

Lilian Nwakanma June 8, 2016

Dear Professor Simon, I wish to let you know that I passed my board exam last week and i am very happy to notify you who made it possible and gave ideas and all that. I thank you and appreciate your Webinars it was helpful especially your advise of what we should look for in NCLEX questions. Thank you very much and God bless.

Stefanie April 18, 2016 Houston

Mrs. Simon,
I passed NCLEX on my first try, but I truly believe that YOU held a strong part in that. You are amazing!

Anupama Rao February 13, 2016 Houston

I got to know about Mrs. Simon through my friends while preparing for NCLEX exam. I attended her 3 powerful webinars about 2hours each, which made it so clear about how to look at the question and know what the question is asking for. I was enlightened by the guidance or tips given by Mrs. Simon in planning for the exam. She is very knowledgeable and content oriented, strives for our success throughout. When I approached her for tips and strategies she was very kind enough to give a detailed strategic plan for studying and building my confidence much more before my exam. I practiced SATA questions the way Mrs. Simon guided. I took my NCLEX exam two days back applying all the strategies learned and today got my unofficial result saying I passed my exam!! I am so thankful to Mrs. Simon for her constant guidance, support, strategies and tips for my success!!!! She is absolutely student oriented and caring, I wish everyone can get the best out of her!!!!

APARNA JAIMON VALLITHOTTATHIL February 7, 2016 Philadelphia


I wrote my NCLEX RN exam last week and I passed . This was largely due to the support,guidance and encouragement I got from Ms. Anila Simon . I also attended her one month Learn Nursing International course , Which helped me to pass the exam.

Thank you very much.

ArShuana Lee December 17, 2015 Houston, TX

Anila is simply AMAZING!!!! She is always willing to help with a smile on her face! If we didn't understand a certain topic we would go visit her so that she could break down the information and teach it to us in a simplified way. Not only is she a GREAT teacher and mentor, she is a GREAT person. She has such a wonderful spirit and loves to help the students through out our journey through nursing school. I would highly recommend her to help guided you along the journey to becoming a RN. She will be truly missed!

Emily G. December 16, 2015 Houston, TX

Mrs. Anila Simon was my MedSurg I instructor in Summer 2014. With her kind heart and caring manner, she assisted me with being able to understand the connection between nursing theory and clinical practice. Her knowledge about any subject helped me to understand what I was learning in the nursing program and be able to apply it in the clinical setting. She encouraged me when I felt inadequate in a particular area of learning. During our post-conference sessions, she would give us the opportunity to not only speak about our day, but encouraged us to ask questions about anything. For example, at the time I did not understand why someone would get a particular cardiac medication (an ACE inhibitor versus a Beta Blocker), she helped me in finding out why. I highly recommend Mrs. Simon for any assistance needed in a nursing program, or for preparation afterwards for the NCLEX.

Melissa B December 14, 2015 Houston

Professor Simon was a blessing to me during my Med-Surg I & II class. I was able to share with her what we were discussing in class and the concepts/topics I was not comfortable with and she pulled together information to reinforce the material for me. She explains things in a very general, understanding way for me. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone having a difficult time in any class. I will miss her, but will contact her in the future for any assistance. She is always smiling!

Carrie B December 10, 2015 Houston, TX

I had the honor of working with Mrs. Simon in the fall of 2014 for my med-surge 2 clinical experience. She was so kind and patient with me during clinical. I found her to be one of the most encouraging clinical instructors that I ever had. Her teaching ability is also phenomenal. She took the time to teach and review with us what we were learning in the classroom. She also tried to coordinate any hospital experiences that we could use along with our lecture topic. I cannot say enough good things about Mrs. Simon!!!

Yogeeta Patel-Larmore RN BSN December 1, 2015 Arkansas

I have known Mrs Anila Simon since 2005. She's been one of the most positive & compassionate nurses that I have ever worked with. She's very knowledgable & has been the one person that would come up with unique ways to educate our patients. She was not only an attribute to our patients but also to our staff. She always encouraged us to further our education and to attain a high standard in our practice. Her contagious positive attitude, love of education & people make her the perfect candidate in whatever she pursues.

Azeneth H. November 30, 2015 Houston, TX

I had the pleasure of having Mrs. Anila Simon as my Med-Surg 2 clinical instructor in the fall of 2014. She is an awesome professor, great mentor, and extremely dedicated to her students. She loves to teach and knows how to break things down in easier terms. Although Mrs. Simon was only my clinical instructor, she helped guide and coach me in my academics. I can only imagine how much easier the nursing program would have been had I had Mrs. Simon throughout nursing school! Without reservation, I highly and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with nursing school.

Arturo Barajas November 30, 2015 Houston, TX

I met Mrs. Anila Simon earlier this year, as I began to regularly join workshops at school. In one of those workshops I recall her stating "come see me if you need one on one tutoring" As a new student to Health Assessment, I was struggling and needed all the help I could get. After workshop was over, I immediately approached her to as her about setting up a one on one meeting with her. As I continued my visits to the weekly workshops, I began to notice a difference in the way I would better understand the concepts we were being taught. Mrs. Simon's approach on how to better understand things was a tremendous help, & was clearly evident in my success. I truly appreciate all of the time & effort she has put in. She has made a huge impact in my life & would recommend her to anyone who is seeking help through nursing school.

Rena N. November 28, 2015 Houston, TX

I had Mrs. Anila Simon as my Med-Surg 1 clinical instructor in 2014. She was fantastic and very knowledgeable. She has been one of the most caring instructors I have known throughout my experience in the Nursing Program. She truly loves to teach and helped me learn the difference between my cardiac medications. She always encouraged questions during post-conference and took every opportunity she had to provide learning experiences for her students. My classmates and I loved having her as our clinical instructor and I would recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with the nursing program.

Yetunde F September 1, 2015 Houston

Well I definitely was encouraged after my session with Mrs Simon.There were simple things she said that just got stuck with me. The vocal sounds and knowing Adventitious sounds in respiratory system. It was really helpful because most people need encouragement sometimes. Ohh and her personality is so contagious. Thank you very much and I definitely would be learning more from you.


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