​Can I write NCLEX? Can I immigrate to any country if I pass NCLEX?

The answer : It depends!! As of now, NCLEX is the nursing licensing exam accepted by The United States, Canada, and Australia for nurses to practice. You can write NCLEX exam, if you meet the eligibility requirements set by their respective nursing regulatory body (NRB). As each NRB has its own eligibility requirements to take the NCLEX exam, we will advice you to contact the NRB of your choice and check with them to see if you are eligible to write the exam. To make it easier, here is the NRB link for you:  https://www.ncsbn.org/membership.htm

The visa or work permit requirements of each country is also different. Hence, passing NCLEX exam does not guarantee any job placement. It is better to refer to the official websites of countries to obtain more information regarding visa requirements. With new changes coming to NCLEX, it is better to write it now and be ready with your RN license, in case any opportunities arise for you to work in these countries. Once obtained, you have the option to renew your RN license, without having to go through the exam again.

We, at AppleRN Classes, specializes on preparing you to pass the NCLEX exam. Our instructor Dr. Anila Simon is a PhD prepared RN who specializes on critical thinking and clinical judgment application in NCLEX. We will help you to improve your ability to analyze NCLEX-style questions and select the correct answers. If you need more information about the preparation for the exam, please contact us. You can also visit www.AppleRN.com

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