First, let me reassure you this: You are NOT alone, and this failure DOES NOT define you. You ARE as awesome as another nurse who passed it. So, stop beating yourself over one “fail” report.

There are three key things you need to focus on right now.

1. Preparing for your next attempt

It is crucial that you prepare better for the next time. There are a lot of areas you need to prepare when it comes to NCLEX RN. For some, it might be being thorough on their nursing concepts and for others, it might be bringing their exam anxiety under control, improving critical thinking skills, test-taking strategies etc. It could also be improving their reading and comprehension of the English language to understand the questions with more clarity or prioritizing/eliminating options when it comes to Select All That Apply questions.

Whatever you think you might need to hone your skills for the exam, we believe we are your ideal partners for help. We provide one of the best preparation materials you need to pass the exam. Check out our Videos and Reviews to see if we indeed are the right choice for you.

2. Seeking support from the right people

You can seek support from immediate family members, close friends, nursing instructors, your colleagues, church members or anyone you consider as the “right” person for your situation. Support from people who are close to you and who you believe are understanding, has a far-reaching effect in boosting your confidence and self-esteem. However, make sure you choose these people wisely. The last thing you need is a person who you sought for comfort, adding insult to your injury. We at AppleRN Classes, support our students through thick and thin.

3. Changing to positive thoughts

It is essential that you stop criticizing yourself. Remember what we discussed at the beginning? You are not defined by a result. You are so much better than you give credit for. So stand-up and reassure yourself that you are awesome, you are worth it and you are going to be successful in your next attempt.

Winners never quit. Remember, YOU are a winner. YOU DON’T QUIT!